Knowledgeable, informative, and competent

Mr. Drexel handled my bankruptcy case in 2010 and I am very pleased with his service. He did exactly what he said he would and his services were very reasonable. He is knowledgeable, informative, and extremely competent and that is why I highly recommend Baron Drexel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-LA M.

Very Professional

I sought Mr. Drexel's assistance for some personal matters. He shows the utmost professionalism and has a keen sense of the law. He thinks "outside the box" and is straightforward and direct with his counsel. His morals and ethics are impeccable and I would use him again without hesitation.

-Darlene S.

Genuinely Cares

I was a creditor representing myself in bankruptcy court and Mr. Drexel helped me prepare the right documents and make my case, as I'm an individual and couldn't afford to hire a lawyer full time.  He looked up precedents for my case and was a great resource.   I won and am grateful I found Mr. Drexel.  He genuinely cares, and has decades of experience in bankruptcy.  Definitely recommended.

-Ana R.

Swift and Efficient

Baron Drexel did my bankruptcy for me.  I found him to be very knowledgeable, swift and efficient. I could not be happier with the job he did and I recommend him all the time to my family, friends and acquaintances.

-Patty G.

Very Supportive and Intelligent

Baron Drexel combines professional insight and genuine caring.  He is an asset to our East Bay Community.  I've known Baron over the years and worked with him as an anatomist to help him consider the details of some cases. Baron's response has been to give me excellent advice on finances as well as professional help in planning my repayment of student debt.  He even represented me a decade ago to the various entities overseeing my student debt and worked out specialized repayment plans without interest and negotiated a 20 year forgiveness with another. Baron has a rich knowledge of law, finances, and an insightful eye for urban culture.  As an anatomist I can also vouch for Baron's ability to understand human anatomy and many of the clinical correlations.  He's done a lot of studying over the decades.  Anyone coming to Baron for his areas of expertise and knowledge will receive strong support from a very intelligent and capable man. He has my highest recommendations.

-Em S.

Excellent Lawyer

I have known Mr Drexel for many years and heard other people and Lawyers I know speak very highly of him. When I had a situation that I needed professional help with there was no question that I wanted Mr Drexel to represent me. He was exceedingly patient and professional in all aspects of his job for me and helped me get a favorable conclusion. Recently my husband had need of an appellant Lawyer and though it is not his main area of focus he has appeared before the appeals courts before and so he agreed to represent us this time as well. His dedication and passion to our cause was exemplary. He put in many, many hours for us and was always available on the phone or email if we had a question. He was patient and thorough and when it came time, he argued for us with everything he had. We could not have been more pleased with his delivery of our side of the case for us. Appeals cases sometimes take more than thirty days to come back with a decision so we have not received one yet. However, I wanted to share my extreme satisfaction with Mr. Drexel regardless. I recommend him highly for whatever type of legal work you may require. You will not find a more competent and trustworthy lawyer or person anywhere else.