Auto & Trucking Accidents Attorney in San Francisco and Danville, California

The Law Offices of Baron J. Drexel represents the victims of car accidents and their families throughout the Bay Area, including serious accidents resulting in catastrophic brain and spinal injuries and wrongful death. Visit our personal injury page for more information on related practice areas, including motorcycle and bicycle accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents.

Auto Accidents

For every client’s case, we perform a full, independent investigation of your auto accident to identify the precise cause(s) of the accident, including motorist error, defective parts, or a dangerous road condition. Using our extensive trial experience and skill at negotiating with insurance companies, we aggressively advocate on your behalf to obtain the recovery you deserve.

Our primary objective is to obtain compensation for the financial costs of your injuries, particularly when you require expensive medical care that prevents you from working. In addition to helping you seek recovery through settlement negotiations or a lawsuit, we can provide guidance in seeking financial assistance from other possible sources. Health insurance through your employer will typically cover some of your medical treatment, and you may also be able to access any personal injury coverage included in your own car insurance policy.

Many auto accident cases involve direct communication and negotiation with an insurance company, either your own or that of the other driver. Insurance companies are motivated by profit and consequently have one goal: to pay out as little as possible. As an attorney with a proven record of successful trial verdicts, Mr. Drexel can dramatically increase your chances of obtaining a fair settlement. Most car accident cases are resolved through settlement, and the opposing party is more likely to offer a fair amount if it knows your attorney has the ability to take the case to trial.

Trucking Accidents

We have extensive experience assisting auto drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck or tractor-trailer. Due to the disparity in size and weight between commercial trucks and the other vehicles on the road, accidents involving trucks often result in serious and catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and wrongful deaths. In addition, the risk of serious injury is greater because many trucking accidents occur on highways at high speeds.

Trucking accident cases are typically more complex than other types of auto accident cases because trucks and other commercial carriers must comply with extensive federal regulations. These regulations address every aspect of trucking, including loading methods, driving restrictions, inspections, and maintenance. Of particular importance are the regulations that require drivers and trucking companies to keep detailed documentation of maintenance history, trip duration, and related activity. When an accident occurs, these records can prove critical to determining liability — we can obtain these logbooks, examine them to expose any violations, and consult with experts to determine whether the logbooks may have been forged or altered after the accident.

Many trucking accidents are the result of multiple causes, including driver error, defective parts, poor maintenance, and dangerous weather conditions. Large trucks typically have decreased or obstructed fields of vision, limited mobility, and require greater braking distance. Accidents can be caused by a trucker speeding, driving under the influence, driving while fatigued or sleep-deprived, or driving without proper training and experience. In other situations, equipment and parts fail because of poor maintenance, or even a design or manufacturing defect despite proper maintenance. We conduct a thorough investigation to determine all potential sources of recovery, assessing the potential liability of the driver, the trucking company, and manufacturers of the vehicle and its parts.

Seek Experienced Personal Injury Representation

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an automobile or trucking accident, you need to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible to begin investigating the incident, examining the accident scene, contacting witnesses, and preserving all relevant evidence. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the Law Offices of Baron J. Drexel today.