Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in San Francisco and Danville, California

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and are faced with a large amount of unsecured debt that you cannot repay, the Law Offices of Baron J. Drexel may be able to help you get rid of that debt and make a fresh start through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Our firm works every day to help people find a new beginning with the help of Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 provides a means for discharging debts that the debtor cannot repay. It does not require any type of payment plan. Once all non-exempt assets have been sold and applied toward existing debts, any remaining debts are discharged by the bankruptcy court, meaning that the debtor is no longer responsible to repay them.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy could require a debtor to sell off assets; however, a skilled bankruptcy lawyer can assist the debtor in claiming exemptions which allow the debtor to keep the asset. It is important to understand that it is possible and very common to have a "no asset" bankruptcy discharge. This means that you are able to eliminate your debt without having to sell any assets at all.

It is true that the bankruptcy court may not be able to discharge all of your debt. If you have domestic support obligations (child support, spousal support), certain student loans or tax debts, you may still be required to meet those obligations. Also, if you have debts which are secured by collateral, receiving a discharge of those debts may require you to relinquish the collateral.

A capable and experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to review your assets and debts and let you know which assets are exempt from sale and which debts can be discharged in the bankruptcy. Based on these factors, you will know whether Chapter 7 is right for you. 

Baron Drexel is an AV-rated attorney with 24 years of experience in bankruptcy law. He can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you and how to proceed with a Chapter 7 filing. Mr. Drexel can prepare your petition and shepherd your case through the entire court proceeding, including handling any bankruptcy litigation matters which may arise. For quality advice and effective representation in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy matter, contact the Law Offices of Baron J. Drexel, and get started on a second chance at a sound financial footing.

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