Wrongful Death

Single vehicle accident.  32 year old woman who was rear passenger died when truck rolled over.  Driver fell asleep at wheel. Accident occurred in California. Insurance policy issued in Arizona.  Unique settlement utilizing conflict of law rule to maximize recovery under liability and UIM provisions.  

Total Recovery $500,000

Worksite Accident

Operator of backhoe dropped post on plaintiff causing traumatic brain injury.   Complex medical testimony which was disputed. Defense attacked plaintiff for past drug use to explain cognitive deficits as well as personal family tragedies.  $1.8 million settlement.

$1.8 million settlement

UIM Claim

Mother was pedestrian killed by inattentive driver.  Policy tendered from other driver was low. Son had UIM insurance policy which had de minimus coverage.  Daughter had UIM policy of $250,000. Dispute was whether mother was resident with daughter or son.

Settlement from UIM for $218,000.00

Wrongful Death

Adult son killed by train as he crossed track.  He took shortcut which was commonly used. Train gave warning.  Federal statutes provide defense to trains for speed. Blackbox data was in favor of railroad.  Decedent was talking on cell phone. 

Settlement was $70,000.00

Slip and Fall

64 year old disabled man attempted to dispose of garbage in condominium dumpster and slipped on debris scattered nearby resulting in tendon rupture.

Settled for $150,000.00.

Intersection collision

 Parties disputed whether light was green or red.  Plaintiff suffered rotator cuff tear. No surgery.   There were gaps in treatment.

Settled for $45,000.00.

Rearender on Bay Bridge

Plaintiff suffered whiplash and concussion.  Other driver tendered $25,000 policy.

Settled with UIM carrier for $175,000.00.

Premises liability

Plaintiff was bystander in nightclub injured by participant of slam dance.  Unable to locate offender. Plaintiff sued nightclub owners. Plaintiff suffered tibia plateau fracture.

Settled for $195,000.00.


Defendant’s dog was kicked by plaintiff while he was riding his bicycle.  Dog owner then knocked plaintiff down and gave him broken nose.

$36,750 settlement.


Tenant fell down interior stairwell. Tenant had lived in apartment for over two years.   Complex damage case inasmuch as plaintiff suffered from blood condition which rendered her leg paralyzed and injury was fracture in that same leg.

$97,000 settlement

Ladder Falls

Baron represented man who fell from a two story ladder while painting his landlord’s house in exchange for rent. Case settled for $100,000.00.


Tree Trimmer

Young man lost his leg due to fall from tree where rope constricted blood and his leg was amputated at the hospital. His employer had no assets. Baron obtained a unique settlement under the Homeowner’s policy whereupon a structured settlement provided for payments for the rest of the man’s life which allowed for replacement of his wages and also payments to provide for medical care for the rest of his life.

Lifetime Compensation

Malicious Prosecution Against Insurance Companies

Baron was co-counsel in a malicious prosecution trial against two insurers. The trial lasted six weeks. The jury awarded $15.2 million in favor of Baron’s clients. The most difficult challenge of the case was to convince a jury that the filing and maintenance of two declaratory relief lawsuits against the plaintiff and his corporation caused the plaintiff to suffer depression and as a consequence suffer great economic losses.


Reversal of Civil Judgment

Baron filed an appeal on behalf of a client who was found obligated to pay $1 million as a result of a business debt incurred by a friend when he invested into a corporation set up by the friend. The judgment was reversed.

Reversed Judgment

Defense Against Punitive Damages

Baron was called upon to defend a CEO of a public company after a judge had awarded $150,000 against the CEO for fraud. After an appeal reversed the award, Baron defended the CEO at a new trial where the plaintiff asked for $450,000 in punitive damages. The judge awarded no punitive damages.

No Punitive Damages

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In a case which received national attention, Baron obtained a default judgment in the amount of $5 million for a client who received the HIV-virus from a partner who lied about his HIV-status. The partner was formerly a SF Health commissioner. "People lie to each other, but when it comes to an issue like this, it’s not justifiable at any level." Baron has also represented a man whose fiancée transmitted HPV to him after she had misrepresented her medical history, and a woman whose husband transmitted HPV to her as a result of an adulterous affair. Both cases were settled under seal to protect the confidentiality of the parties.


Unusual Medical Diagnosis Under ADA

Baron spearheaded and obtained a six figure settlement under the American Disability Act. His client suffered from Multi-Chemical Sensitivity as a result of exposure to chemicals and hazardous materials at her job site. She had lost her Workman’s compensation claim and recovered a de miniumus recovery in her product liability case.

Six-figure Settlement

Tow Truck Accident

Baron tried a tow truck accident wherein the plaintiff was injured by a co-employee at the job site and sued his employer and AAA who claimed that the employer was an independent contractor. The AAA lost its summary judgment motion based upon a dual employment argument and settled at the trial calendar. The tow truck company who failed to pay Worker’s Comp premiums claimed that the plaintiff had only an x-ray anomaly, that his problems were minor, that his spondyloliothesis was pre-existing the accident. The San Francisco jury awarded roughly $500,000. With fees and costs, the judgment was roughly $750,000.



Baron settled a lawsuit on behalf of 2 year old girl who suffered a burn when as an infant she rolled off the bed and into an uncovered heating pipe. The structured settlement will pay over a $1 million dollars through the college years. Baron has also represented a child burned by boiling water placed on a lazy susan at a restaurant in Chinatown.


Diving Accident at Public School

Baron settled a lawsuit on behalf of a teenager who suffered permanent paralysis in his right arm against the Martinez Unified School District. The teen jumped 50 feet from the roof of the school gymnasium into the school pool; however, another boy attempted the jump and landed on the teen’s back as he was swimming to the side of the pool. The school district claimed that the roof was an obvious danger and students were not allowed to jump from the roof and knew that they should not jump. The case settled for $725,000.


Gas Explosion

A house in the Oakland Hills exploded when an unlicensed contractor was installing a new heating system. Evidence disappeared. Baron uncovered a record indicating that the shutoff valve in the gas meter set was leaking and needed to be replaced but no action was taken by the gas company. The homeowner who had no insurance recovered the replacement value of her home and belongings under a settlement weeks before trial was to commence.

Recovered Value of Property Loss

Head on Automobile Collision Caused in Part by Faulty Road Design

After recovering the full insurance policy amount from the driver who lost control and drove into the lane of Baron’s client ($250,000), Baron successfully pursued the paying contractor and governmental entity. The case settled for six figures upon the theory that the road was designed contrary to basic road standards and obtained a settlement in the high six figures (the settlement was confidential).

Six-figure Settlement

Dog Bite

Baron represented a woman who was walking her dog on a leash when a neighbor’s dog which was unleashed attacked her dog and while attempting to separate the dogs, she lost her "pinky" finger. The case settled for $185,000.00.


Minimum Impact Rear End Collision

In an automobile rear-ender, Baron was faced by the insurance company’s hardball tactic of offering no money to settle what they claim to be a minimum impact accident. In this case, Baron tried the case without any liability expert and utilizing DVD stored videotaped depositions of the medical treaters and experts. The jury awarded $16,000 to a woman who claimed lower lumbar aggravation of a herniated disc. All costs were paid to the plaintiff by the defense, which were over $7,500.00.


Civil Rights Case by Widow and Son

We represented the widow and son of a 71 year old man, who was struck and killed by an automobile. The decedent attempted to get home after being released from jail by walking onto a highway. He was arrested near his home for a DUI at 6:45 p.m. and released from jail at 11:23 pm. The county settled for $175,000.