Catastrophic Injuries Brain & Spinal

The Law Offices of Baron J. Drexel provides personal injury representation for Bay Area victims of catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries. These injuries are among the most severe and traumatizing that people may suffer, and are often the result of serious auto or trucking accidents. In especially severe cases, these injuries can lead to a wrongful death. We understand not only the serious financial consequences of these injuries, but the emotional trauma endured by the victims. We can help you recover for your injuries and obtain the medical care you need.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

We help clients with the many financial difficulties associated with catastrophic brain injuries. Brain injuries are among the leading causes of death in high-impact accidents. These injuries often cause serious problems for a victim’s personal and professional life, sometimes disrupting the ability to work or function independently. Common causes of brain injuries include vehicle accidents (including rollovers), construction site accidents, slip and falls, and birth trauma.

Unfortunately, many brain injuries are irreversible. While full functionality may be not be restored in some cases, surgery and other procedures may be used to stabilize the patient and prevent further damage. Further treatment and rehabilitation can be used to help recover lost motor or cognitive function. Brain injury victims often face months or even years of rehabilitation.

Due to the extensive medical costs associated with traumatic brain injuries, as well as the prevalence of severe pain and suffering, we aggressively pursue the parties responsible for these injuries to ensure our clients receive the compensation to which they are entitled. Our goal is not only to pay for your existing medical bills, but to allow you to afford the potentially significant medical costs that lay ahead.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries, like many brain injuries, are a tragic occurrence that can cause you to lose your independence and place a heavy burden on your family. These injuries have many causes and occur in varying degrees, but quite often they are catastrophic. A spinal injury can be particularly severe when temporary or permanent paralysis results, necessitating life-altering treatment and care.

Since they are very expensive to treat and most families cannot afford to pay for a loved one’s cost of care, spinal injuries present significant financial hardship. Many people with spinal cord injuries require lifetime care that will be very expensive, requiring constant care, treatment, and rehabilitation. We can help you seek compensation that not only pays for past medical bills, but provides for future expenses.

We have experience handling cases involving brain injury cases and cases involving severe spinal cord injuries, including quadriplegia and paraplegia. We have handled cases ranging from mild to severe brain and spinal cord injuries, and have been successful in obtaining favorable results for our clients. Unlike some personal injury attorneys, Mr. Drexel is willing and able to take a case to trial if the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company does not offer a fair settlement amount.

Seek Experienced Personal Injury Representation

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury to the brain or spinal cord, you need an attorney with extensive experience representing clients in this specific type of personal injury claim. We have decades of experience representing victims of brain or spinal cord injuries and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Baron J. Drexel today for a free consultation.